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Chemical Solutions for Your Industry and Environment

At VPC Chemicals, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the chemical industry through sustainable innovation. With a deep commitment to environmental responsibility, we leverage cutting-edge technology to develop chemical solutions that meet the diverse needs of our global clientele without compromising the health of our planet. Our expertise spans across chemicals & manufacturing, iron control, oil & gas, construction, and industrial water treatment, delivering excellence and sustainability in every drop.

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Specialized Solutions by Industry

Tailored Chemical Innovations for Diverse Industrial Applications

Oil & Gas

Securing oil & gas operations with targeted biocides and corrosion inhibitors, tailored for extreme environments and efficient resource extraction.

Miscellaneous 18 final


Enhancing concrete durability and setting precision in construction projects with our innovative chemical admixtures and treatments.

Industrial Water Treatment

Ensuring purity and efficiency in industrial water systems with advanced biocides and scale inhibitors, designed for comprehensive water management.

Chemicals & Manufacturing

Transforming production lines with specialized chemicals for manufacturing, from antimicrobial agents to industrial preservatives.

Iron Control

Optimizing water systems with VPCCHEM BioBoost 50, a carbon-negative solution for unmatched iron control in industrial applications.

— Chemical Expertise for Industry and Environment

Your Partner in Specialty Chemical Solutions

VPC Chemicals offers a diverse range of specialty chemical formulations for sectors such as oil and gas, water treatment, agriculture, and mining. Committed to transparency and high-quality service, we ensure all our products meet stringent EPA standards and international regulations. Additionally, we provide seamless end-to-end services maintaining strong global relationships to guarantee uninterrupted service. 

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    lbs CO2 Emissions Reduced / Tote

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  • 90%

    Products Biodegradable

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How Are We Creating a Greener Future?

Discover how VPC Chemicals utilizes groundbreaking eco-friendly technologies to revolutionize industries, ensuring our solutions not only meet the needs of our global clientele but also protect the planet for future generations.

  • How does VPC Chemicals ensure its products are eco-friendly?

    VPC Chemicals prioritizes sustainability by sourcing raw materials from natural and renewable sources. Our product development process emphasizes reducing environmental impact, from utilizing CO2 in production to creating biodegradable products that align with our commitment to the planet.

  • How does VPC Chemicals calculate carbon removal in the production process?

    VPC Chemicals calculates carbon removal by conducting a comprehensive lifecycle analysis (LCA) of each product. This involves assessing the carbon footprint from raw material extraction, manufacturing, transportation, usage, and end-of-life disposal. We focus on the net carbon impact, taking into account the CO2 absorbed or offset by our use of natural and renewable resources, as well as the emissions reduced through innovative production techniques and eco-friendly product formulations. For products like our biocide potentiator with a carbon-negative profile, we specifically calculate the amount of CO2 captured during the growth of natural ingredients versus CO2 emitted during production. This calculation helps us to verify and communicate the positive environmental impact of our products, aligning with our commitment to sustainability and reducing global carbon emissions.

  • How does the carbon credit value of VPC Chemicals' products compare to regular materials like citric acid?

    VPC Chemicals' innovative approach to product development includes a focus on maximizing the carbon credit value of our products compared to more traditional materials, such as citric acid. Carbon credits are a key measure used to offset emissions, with one carbon credit representing the removal of one tonne of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Our products, especially those with carbon-negative profiles, are designed to significantly reduce CO2 emissions or capture CO2 during their lifecycle. For example, by utilizing natural and renewable resources that absorb CO2 as they grow, and implementing production processes that minimize carbon output, our products can achieve a higher carbon credit value. This not only enhances their environmental benefits but also provides a tangible measure of their contribution to combating climate change compared to traditional materials. The specific carbon credit value varies by product, reflecting the unique environmental impact and efficiency of each solution we offer.

  • Does VPC Chemicals offer tailored chemical solutions for unique industry requirements?

    Yes, VPC Chemicals specializes in formulating custom chemical solutions to meet the varied needs of our diverse clientele. Our dedicated team works closely with clients to design, manufacture, and supply specialty chemicals that precisely fit the requirements of their respective industry segments, whether it's oil and gas, water treatment, agriculture, or mining.

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Our Commitment to Excellence

Experience our blend of superior quality, sustainability, and dedicated service tailored to your needs.

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Uncompromised Quality and Sustainability

We stand behind the exceptional quality and environmental integrity of each product, reflecting our commitment to excellence and sustainable practices.

Reliable Sourcing & Global Logistics

Our strong industry relationships guarantee a dependable product supply, while our global logistics experience ensures seamless delivery across cultural and geographical boundaries.

Inclusive and Transparent Approach

VPC champions an inclusive approach, offering tailored solutions to individuals and companies alike, with a promise of transparency in every interaction.

Professionalism with a Personal Touch

We maintain the highest standards of professionalism, infusing our rigorous processes with a personal touch that makes collaboration with us both effective and enjoyable.


Our Technologies and Projects

We are constantly introducing new technologies to increase the efficiency of windmills.


Join Us in Nurturing a Greener Tomorrow, Embrace Sustainable Chemistry!

VPC Chemicals is proudly advancing eco-friendly chemical solutions across various industries in 9 countries. We strive to provide products and services that ensure a stable supply of high-quality chemicals while preserving our environment. Take action with us for a cleaner, safer planet!


Partner with us and make a lasting impact towards environmental responsibility!


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